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goji voice and its features

Efficient, user-friendly clinical documentation support

Adds-on as an agent to your existing systems

Playback at anytime Start / stop anytime

Ability to remove audio permanently

Easy wake word "Goji"

Voice commands to navigate

PHIPA compliant with Canadian data residency

HIPAA and GDPR compliant solution

Imagine a Secure, Intelligent Assistant Automating Your EMR or EHR Documentation

Our Goji Voice "talk to text" product enables clinicians to easily and seamlessly record their patient / client interactions with their computers or mobile devices. Recording the interaction allows them to easily capture the entire conversation instead of taking notes, which can negatively affect the patient interaction. With the Goji Voice solution, the recorded conversation is converted into text and made available to the clinician. The clinician can quickly review the notes and highlight key points in the conversation as well as add or update relevant clinical information.

Following the capture of clinical notes in the system, Goji Voice allows clinicians to save the notes directly to their medical systems. Further, the Goji Voice solution captures clinical insights and reminders and actions like follow-ups, tests, orders, and the like. In this way, the user no longer needs to manually track forgotten notes or actions.

The Goji Voice stores and maintains sensitive data in local jurisdictions such as in Canada for data residency for Canadian customers, and built with privacy and security safeguards required for adherence to jurisdictionally applicable legislations / regulations (e.g. PHIPA in Ontario, HIPAA in the US and GDPR in Europe)

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Photo by OBIO
Parnian Tajbakhsh (OBIO), Yuvenne Deng (OBIO), Maura Campbell (CEO OBIO), Sarah Burnett (CKL FHT), Aasif Khakoo (ED CKL FHT), Jackie Beckett (CKL FHT), Roe Sivanandan (Gojitech), JoAnn Newell (CKL FHT), Lisa Glover-Carmichael (CKL FHT), Mary Argent-Katwala (OBIO), Giri Amarakone (Gojitech), and Bibaswan Ghoshal (Director OBIO)


KAWARTHA LAKES-The Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization and the City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team launched a project in Ontario through OBIO’s Early Adopter Health Network to improve the patient and provider experience, and enhance health outcomes via Goji Technology Systems’ innovative artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant platform, Goji Voice. Pamela VanMeer reports in the video above.


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Roe Sivanandan
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Giri Amarakone
David Campbell
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Dr. Dennis Chan

current opportunities

Data Scientist

What we are looking for: Our next NLP Data Scientist will work as a core part of our tight-knit engineering team, led by our two co-founders, Giri Amarkone and Dennis Chan, PhD. Our product is a client-facing web application that acts as an automation platform for complex medical data and documentation. The application connects clinical encounter and the NLP to clinician medical notes and diagnoses. Here, you will find a super-immersive learning environment and an opportunity to rapidly develop this opportunity into senior engineer or management opportunities as you choose.

    Some of the thing that you'll be doing:

  • Review and understand current NLP research and apply it to create technologies for information extraction solutions
  • Take ownership of ML models end-to-end, from collecting training data to deploying in production
  • Lead the planning, design, and implementation of the ML projects
  • Serve as a mentor to junior team members and promote data science best practices
  • Manage the collaboration and communications with project stakeholders
  • Analysis and presentation of results in a clear manner
  • Other duties as assigned

The key attributes we are looking for are motivation, commitment, independent thinking, and team play. Our team of 15+ strong has extensive experience in deploying scalable cloud applications, AI and Machine Learning. Active mentorship and guidance will be provided to our engineers for further career development. If you think you are made for early-stage and fast-growing start up connect with us. We are looking forward to talking with you. Send us a note with your Resume/CV to info@gojitech.co

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If you think you are made for early-stage and fast-growing startup, contact us. We are looking forward to talking to you.

Send us a note with your info to info@gojitech.co

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